Spring 2017 – Vol. 10, No. 1

Amy Collier

Jeffrey J. Cravens

  • Homecoming

Paul Hadella

  • Ape

Deborah Flanagan

  • The Shaman Speaks of Slaughter

D. Dina Friedman

  • Bar’am

Allison Whittenberg

  • Phillis

Barbara Helfgott Hyett

Donna Reis

  • Stillborn Guide

Stephen Gibson

  • In Memoriam

Frances Richey

  • Banished

Eric Chang

  • Golden Star

J. Westmoreland

  • Fight in Westwood

Lyle May

Robert Kimm

  • Troubles on the Bus

Eileen Cleary

  • Undisputed Coal King of West Virginia Won’t Drink the Water

Ken Sears

  • This One Could Go Either Way

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Finish

Hannah Star Rogers

  • Dear Domestic Violence Hotline,

David Mizner

  • The Amber Revolution

James Penha

  • Inside

Jared Pearce

darlene anita scott

  • In Defense of a Body

William Palmer

  • His Way

Simon Perchik

  • Every Rain

Dennis James Sweeney

Fortunato Salazar

  • Three Variations on My Father as Seamster