Fall 2015 – Vol. 8, No. 2

Paula Yup

Alison Ruth

  • Infirm Eighteen

JJ Amaworo Wilson

Austin Alexis

  • Frankfurt Underground

Lyle May

  • Domesticated

Paul Hadella

  • Little Rich Catholic School Douche Bags

Diya Abdo

  • The Love Hoard

Thom Schramm

Judith Skillman

  • Coyote-Colored

Jessica Greenbaum

Cara Bayles

  • What I Been Through

Byron Case

  • The Best Part Of Waking Up

Hasanthika Sirisena

  • After the Rioting and the Burning of the Jaffna Public Library

Dom Kimball

  • Radio

Stephanie Dickinson

  • Love Highway (excerpt)
  • Take-Out

Joe Jarboe

  • Across the Chicken Yard

Brad Johnson

  • Pantoum for the Shooter’s Parents

Catherine Wald

  • Past Tense Pantoum

Cortney Lamar Charleston

Jack Vian

  • Dropping the Stiletto Dime

Donald Edem Quist

  • They Would Be Waiting