Spring 2015 – Vol. 8, No. 1

Steven Volynets

  • French Connection

Rebekah Orton

Ace Boggess

  • Home Confinement

Matthew J. Spireng

  • Belief

Fred Yannantuono

  • So Too

Ben Terry

  • Why You Hate Pancakes

Brian Phillip Whalen

  • Typical

Michael McGuire

Jacobia Dahm

  • Photos

Simon Perchik

  • Closer

Jason Ellis

  • Hours after lights-out

Michael Graves

Sabrina Jaszi

Jane St. Clair

  • Territory

Jennifer Sears

  • Sleepers

Thomas Bart Kropp

  • Deal

Erik La Prade

  • If You Can’t Sleep at Night,
  • It’s not the Coffee, It’s the Bunk
  • Milton, PA

Ryan Elliott Smith

Mark Parlette

  • Cecilia