Spring 2014 – Vol. 7, No. 1

Laurie Lamon

Rob McClure Smith

  • A Man at Banna Strand

Lauren Camp

  • Alone at Alice’s

Jason Trask

  • Mountain Man

Jyotirmoyee Devi

  • The Princess Baby

Dennis Braden

  • Against Politics

Ron Gauthier

Ron Darian

  • Bit Player

Richard Krawiec

  • The Condemned Man Remembers Getting Ready for Prison

Christopher Mulrooney

  • excommunication

Byron Case

  • For Those Who Terrorize My Students On Awakening at Sunup, Approaching the Ides of March, My Twelfth Year in Prison, and Dampening the Institutional Clamor with a CD of Mozart’s Requiem and a Journal of Poetry

Michael Casey

Jacob M. Appel

Jeffrey D. Boldt

  • No Mutants Yet in Baxter’s Hollow

Saretta Morgan

  • Just Wait

John Heinz

  • The Overdose

George Newtown

Michael Graves