Fall 2013 – Vol. 6, No. 2

Janice Miller Potter

  • Rat Night

Graham Cotten

Jean L. Kreiling

  • A Liberated Woman Reads Jane Eyre

Susan Comninos

Mark Rigney

  • The Book of Badges

Laura Smyth

Dawn Potter

  • The Testimony of Various Witnesses

Francisco Cantú

  • Vampire Village

Shelby Stephenson

  • World on a String

Eleanor Paynter

  • What I Wish I’d Said to the Illustrator

Hege Anita Jakobsen Lepri

  • Day 17 – Witness 13

Judith Skillman

  • Disgust

Mary M. Brown

  • Billy Mix

Mary Moycik

  • The Funny Thing about Injustice Is That It’s Just Not Fair

Brad Johnson

Christopher Bundy

Dana Stamps, II

  • Games Kids Play

Norita Dittberner-Jax

  • Prophecy

Joseph Rathgeber