Spring 2013 – Vol. 6, No. 1

Lakisha Jackson

  • Not So Past

Brady Harrison

Stephen Gibson

  • Cartes-de-visite

Paula Yup

  • Water II

Joyce Goldenstern

  • Massachusetts Murder Mystery

Vance Voyles

Michael Graves

  • To the Progenitors

Dinah Cox

  • Glue

Irene Mitchell

  • Animals

darlene anita scott

Erika Dreifus

  • My Life as a Bully

Kristin Kelly

  • For Those Who Terrorize My Students (P.S. I’m Not Afraid of You)

Arpi Pap

  • Dark Matter

Cynthia Cupe

  • Inside Out: A Prisoner’s Perspective on Prison

Bob Monson

  • The Secret’st Man

Christopher Urban

Amasa Larkins

  • Undocumented

T R Poulson

  • Signs Attached to Trees

Pamela Morneault Gemme