Fall 2012 – Vol. 5, No. 2

Marjorie Power

  • First Time for Everything

Evan Morgan Williams

Roger Sedarat

  • The Iran Job Haji as Post-Colonizer

Ace Boggess

Alexis Ivy

  • Dear Owner of the Wonder Bar,

Vance Voyles

  • He Said, He Said

Lauren Camp

  • How I’d Explain What Kind of Mother She Was

Erik La Prade

  • Tea Drunk

Steven Matthew Brown

  • Dirty Old Gentleman, an open letter

Laurie Lamon

  • No Census

Octavio Quintanilla

Shae Savoy

  • A Scenic View

Paul Hadella

  • Blowfish

Marielle van Uitert

  • At the Border

John Lawson

  • Penalty

William Palmer

  • Everything Is Growing

E. Robinson

  • Flood Plain

Marianne Villanueva

Deborah Flanagan

  • The Prison Cook Prepares The Last Supper

Nathan E. White

  • Witness

Sarah Katharina Kayss

  • Aide-memoire

Thomas Fuchs

  • Matt

Sheryl L. Nelms

  • Kidnapped, Raped and Murdered Drunk Driving

Judith Skillman

Emmy Pérez

  • Left after crossing

Alison Ruth

Deborah Gang

  • Weimar Republic