Fall 2010 – Vol. 3, No. 2

Elizabeth Swados

  • Judgment
  • Cheap News

Alison Ruth

  • All the Words You Sing

Michael Dowdy

  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • The Birds and the Bees

John Martino

  • Photos

Eugene Alexander Dey

  • Grey Goose

Tara Needham

  • Convoy: All Hail the Horns

John Lawson

  • Judicious

Andy Douglas

  • A Season of Neighbors

Paula Anne Yup

  • Feasting with My Friend Juliet

Allison Whittenberg

  • Truce

Bobby Garcia

  • On Being a Rookie

Paul Many

  • Harsh Petition

Sally-Ann Hard

  • AM6504

Katie Cotugno

  • Fyodor on the Highway

Darlene Pagán

  • Undisturbed

Christine Beck

  • If I Should Disappear…

Gene Grabiner

  • Fingered

Aparna Reddi

  • Soundtrack

Michael Desilets

  • Nachos Noir

Robert Yune

  • Pittsburgh, September 2009: Fortifications

Fred Yannantuono

  • It’s All in the Execution

Robert Bolden, Sr.

  • When they kill you

Charles Lowe

  • Your Flower Boy

Larry “Ace” Boggess

  • Drug History

Arnold Stead

  • Oh the Lady Swoons

David S. Pointer

  • Oncoming Crime Facts

Sara Kirschenbaum

  • In Lipsk

Shelby Stephenson

  • At a Refuse Site at McGee’s Crossroads
  • Mr. Fonzo Refuses to Let the State of North Carolina Run His Career 
  • Franklyn F. Tyner Sells Shelby a Hunting License

Ken Victor

  • Cave Light, 1982

Sandra Hunter

  • In-Breath

Elaine Schear

  • Hardscape