Spring 2010 – Vol. 3, No. 1

Lauren Camp

Andrew Coburn

Judith Skillman

  • Box Turtle

Andrew Lizotte

  • Kings and Queens

Alexander Budnitz

  • Infrastructure

Denise Falcone

  • One Saturday Night in 1977

Aidan Lee

  • Lie to Me
  • Assignment

Brian Daldorph

  • “what truly matters”: Nine Years of Teaching a Creative Writing Class at Douglas County Jail, Lawrence, Kansas

Peter Jay Shippy

  • Standing on the River
  • Elegy

Dan Gutstein

  • The Killer’s New Life

Cheyenne Nimes

  • Why I Love Jeffrey Dahmer

Sarah Browning

  • Rembrandt Workshop in the District
  • Memorial Day, 2008

Larry Crist

  • Trampoline

Guy R. Beining

  • caged memory

Priya Chandrasekaran

  • The Stops

Edythe Haendel Schwartz

  • Pantoum for The World Cup

David Starkey

  • Electric Chair at Sing Sing

Olga Zilberbourg

  • My Mother at the Shooting Range

Dennis J. Bernstein

  • No More Fag Shit

Margaret Walsh

  • the question must be posed just right

Richard Krause

  • Gregor

Laurence Snydal

  • The Deeds, the Dead