Fall 2009 – Vol. 2, No. 2

Deborah Digges

  • for The Daughters of Hannah Bible
  • Class of Tipton, Missouri’s Women’s
  • Prison: Mother’s Day, 1959

Jeff P. Jones

Donna Reis

  • Toro Hill

Joan Maiers

Lyn Halper

  • Besa, in Three

Tetman Callis

  • regarding dreams and prisons

Randy Koch

  • An NSA Wiretap Picks Up This Conversation about French Poetry, Which Results in the Arrest of Two

James O’Brien

  • Night’s Work

Nick Conrad

  • A Shadow

Pepa de Rivera

  • Estambul

Francine Rubin

  • My Basket

David Radavich

Dell Smith

  • Younger Things

David Salner

  • No One Asks

Ansley Moon

  • Saturdays

Jessie van Eerden  

Peggy Landsman

  • Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu

Mark J. Mitchell

  • Soren Kierkegaard Witnesses an Execution

Joel Moskowitz

  • The Upright

Meg Stone

  • Women’s Work

Rick Kempa

  • The Why Poem
  • What’s Truly Yours

Caleb Gardner

  • Robben Island

George Guida

  • Little Falls

Jack Granath