Spring 2008 – Vol. 1, No. 1

Michael Graves

Ruthann Robson

CL Knight

Sarah Cortez

  • Dilemma

Janée J Baugher              

  • The Hope of a Man Condemned to Death

Jason Trask

Brad Johnson

  • Texas Justice

Nancy Scott

  • Seven-year-old boy found dead in plastic storage bin

Dana Stamps, II

  • First Date

Kenneth E. Hartman

  • The Absent Voice of Prisoners

Adam Cushman

  • Felonies for which I was Never Apprehended: Chapter Sixty

Shoshauna Shy

Laura LeHew

  • The Organized Offender

Salar Abdoh

  • Birth of an Iranian Spy Novelist

Kahlil Koromantee

  • Tuesday

Jonathan “Blaze” Sierra

  • Come Along and Take a Walk with Me

Louis Phillips

  • Blonde from the Coast

Marc Sheehan

  • E-mail from Lagos Ending with a Plea for the Redeemability of the Present World

Jane Marston

  • Visitor’s Day at the State Juvenile Facility

Malaika King Albrecht

  • Without Parole

William Orem

  • In My Mother’s Bedroom

George Guida

Philip Mahony

  • Blunt Trauma