Fall 2016 – Vol. 9, No. 2

Laura Jean McKay

Amita Murray

  • The Rangoli Pattern

Paul Stapleton, Fred T. Elmore, Brian Hotchkiss, Charles E. Johnson, Aadil Khan, Kenneth Meeks

  • Games People Play: Inside the North Carolina Correctional System

Michael Jones

Mary Brown

  • Cousin David at the Family Reunion

Dana Stamps, II

  • Girls at the Pool

Kendall Walker

Jon Morgan Davies

  • Drive-Thru

William Zink

  • 11:00 PM Antibiotic

Jared Pearce

  • Wrapped in Strands of Fist & Bone

Susan Comninos

Raymond Abbott

Laurie Lamon

  • The New Porn

H.K. Hummel

  • After Bikini Island

Eric Lloyd Blix

  • Golden Years

Andrew R. Touhy

  • The Corrective

Alexis Ivy

E.G. Willy

  • The Call

Farah Ali

Eric Hyett

  • Case Closed


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