Spring 2018 – Vol. 11, No. 11

Christopher Swetala

Michael Waters

Amy Wissekerke

Charlie Keyheart

  • Our First Serial Killer

Rosemarie Dombrowski

Michael McGuire

  • Fosas Clandestinas

Lewis Horton

  • Drama Queen Brings Her Beau to the PMO

Sravani Singampalli

  • We Discuss

Mischa Willet

  • Excuse Me Love Li

Brad Johnson

  • Mosquito Fleet

Lynn Gordon

  • A Flaw in the Wiring

William Cass

  • Things Happen and They Don’t

Natalie Tomlin

Xiaoly Li

  • Must Register for Life

Michael Carrino

  • Alley Near The Harbor

Dan Grote

  • Write What You Know

Charles Lowe

Sean Marciniak

Laurie Lamon

  • Giant