Fall 2017 – Vol. 10, No. 2

Paula Yup

Sophia Veltfort

Alejandro Escudé

Stephen Gibson

  • Imagine

Carol Alexander

  • Environments

Estha Weiner

  • The Club

Aharon Levy

  • The Rescue

Guy R. Beining

  • felt tongue   175.

J. J. Steinfeld

  • A Questioning Writer’s Identity Dreams

Judith Skillman

  • The Old Country

Rob McClure Smith

  • Procedural 1929

Devon Balwit

  • The Invitation

Ace Boggess

  • “President Obama Really Wants People to Live on Mars”

Wendy Drexler

  • probability theory

Jason Jones

  • Hail to the Redskins

John Oliver Hodges

  • Guilty Jim

Kevin Cantwell

  • Sierra Leone

Dan Short

  • Commissary Menu

Marilee Richards

  • The Competition

nv baker

  • the defoliation of a bookshelf

John S. Copeman

  • State Blues

Michelle Matthees

  • Range

Sarah Schiff

Robert Beveridge

  • Quintana

Alexander Long

Zachary Tyler Vickers