A Note from the Editors

The sounds first—close to firecrackers but more metallic, more contained. The corner of 145th and Bradhurst. People surrounded the fallen man, his white sneakers pointing to the sky. More people came. To help. To comfort. To see the action. The shooter was gone.

The squad car pulled up and parked. And no one came out. And then the two cops got out and walked to the man. No triage, no urgency. After so many instances of brutality or negligence, the pace seemed casual.

One woman in the crowd lifted her phone to make a record of the officers’ behavior. One woman screamed, “What if it had been one of your own?” Two minutes later more squad cars arrived and the pace picked up, and then an ambulance arrived and the shot man was taken away. His sneakers were moving. He was alive.

Two officers responded to an urgent situation. Their walk from cruiser to bloodied victim was not as dramatic as some of the images we’ve seen. But it’s an image.


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