Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Contents
Steven Volynets French Connection
Rebekah Orton Stroller (read excerpt)
Ace Boggess Home Confinement
Matthew J. Spireng Belief
Fred Yannantuono So Too
Ben Terry Why You Hate Pancakes
Brian Phillip Whalen Typical
Michael McGuire La Ultima Cena (read excerpt)
Jacobia Dahm Photos
Simon Perchik Closer
Jason Ellis Hours after lights-out
Michael Graves Against Monsters (read)
Sabrina Jaszi They Were Sixteen (read excerpt)
Jane St. Clair Territory
Jennifer Sears Sleepers
Thomas Bart Kropp Deal
Erik La Prade If You Can’t Sleep at Night,
It’s not the Coffee, It’s the Bunk
Milton, PA
Ryan Elliott Smith Not Originally from New York or:
The Misunderstandings
(read excerpt)
Mark Parlette Cecilia