Alexis Ivy

These two poems evoke the theme of identity—questioning one’s place in the world. “How I Flirt” is a sonnet taken from a group of sonnets I have written about my work at a homeless shelter in Cambridge, MA.  I’ve made these shelter poems into sonnets because it is my job to lessen the chaos of the shelter world—I’ve made that happen in these poems.   In “Mississippi Delta” I travel to see how history lives.  In nature and in art, true colors of a place cannot hide.  Both these poems ask the reader to take a look at what you don’t want to see but the poet can’t help seeing.  The poet chooses to see things, feel things and share these images with the page and with the reader.  In my second manuscript of poetry, “Taking the Homeless Census,” I search for the definition of home. I travel, I work, I love, I suffer. This is how I write.