Wendy Drexler

My poem “Probability Theory” explores the dual spheres in which I find myself living these days: on the one hand, the public sphere with its increasingly foreboding and dangerous underbelly of global warming and climate change in all their devastating implications; and on the other hand, the pitter patter of dailiness and the sometimes selfish, or at least self-centered, personal universe I inhabit, such as my desire to spend time with my granddaughter and my willingness to buy her knock-off, imported plastic toys that carry a relatively large carbon footprint. In the poem, I implicate myself in the compromises I sometimes make. As a poet, I struggle to find the right voice that can allow me to write about political and human-justice issues in a way that feels human and real, without ranting. I think the issues of today require poets to speak out, and the work is challenging.
My website is WendyDrexlerPoetry.com